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Tiller Cultivator Rental

Manufacturer: Mantis
Product Code: 7262-00-02

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This cultivator is easy to start, lightweight, and maneuverable within very tight spaces. Based on our experience, we think this cultivator is ideal for cultivating/tilling existing gardens, converting small areas of turf into garden or flowerbeds and for working soil areas that need cultivation and weeding.
Reasons to Rent This Cultivator From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the tiller to my garden?
You can carry it: Make sure the engine is off. Then use one hand to grasp the convenient carrying handle. Use the other hand to hold the handlebars. Then lift your tiller and carry it to your garden. If you have several areas you may "walk it:" with the tiller running, press the throttle lever gently and let the tiller "tip-toe" across your yard on its tines. It won?t hurt your lawn or driveway.

How do I use the tiller?
Run the tiller like a Vacuum Cleaner. Place your Tiller at the head of the row or area you want to till. Start it up. Then use an easy rocking motion. First, pull the tiller backward. Then use an easy rocking motion. Again, pull the Tiller backward. Then, let it move forward just a little bit. Then pull it backward again. This will help you till deeper. Keep repeating these steps until you've tilled an entire row. Start again on the next row.

How do I control the depth?
For Deeper Tilling: Move your Tiller slowly back and forth, as you would a vacuum cleaner. Work the same area over and over until you?ve dug to your desired depth. For Shallow Tilling: Switch the tines to the cultivating position. Then move your Tiller quickly over your soil surface.

How do I set the tiller to cultivation mode?
1. Make sure the Tiller is off. 2. Remove the retaining pins from the tines. 3. Remove the tines from the axle. 4. Place the right-side tine onto the left-side axle. Place the left side tine onto the right-side axle. The "D" hole should be to the outside. 5. Here is how to make sure you've installed the tines properly. Stand behind the Tiller and hold your hand, palm up, next to the tines. Do the tine points curl up, as your fingers do? If so, they are in the correct cultivating position. 6. Reinsert the pins.

How to I approach big weeds or tough roots?
Let the tiller rock back and forth over the tough spot, until the tines slice through the weed or root.

The Mantis 4-cycle gas powered cultivator is ideal for homeowners that are trying to cultivate/till an existing garden or soil area. This machine can also till through sod/turf and compacted areas, however, due to it's weight, limited horsepower and smaller tilling width, we recommend our larger rear tine tiller for larger tilling jobs. This cultivator is also ideal for larger soil areas where a sod cutter has been used to remove the hard layer of sod/turf prior to cultivating the softer soil underneath.
Northwest Seed & Soil Amendments
Kevin - Apr 8, 2012
I rented a sod cutter and rototiller from YardRents and was very impressed with the service. Dan and Jordan arrived right in the middle of my requested delivery time window (and sent me a text message heads-up an hour before with their projected arrival time), the tools were clean and worked perfectly, and the hands-on tool lesson they provided was just right. YardRents does the hard work of delivering and picking up the tools, so you can spend your energy in the garden. I'll certainly be using their service again.
Leah - Apr 21, 2012
Prompt, courteous, great equipment, good training, and very cost effective! Count me in as repeat customer!
Joanna B. - May 6, 2012
What a great service! We needed a Sod Cutter and a Rototiller on consecutive days. YardRents delivered both items allowing our project to progress seamlessly. Their service, instruction and professionalism is unsurpassed. Today I placed my third order with YardRents and plan to use them as long as my "heavy" equipment needs continue. Not having to rent a trailer or borrow a truck to get the equipment home is priceless.
Hallie E. - Apr 13, 2014
Great service! High quality equipment -- cultivator/rototiller was delivered by knowledgeable person that got us all set up to use equipment. The driver was a little late in delivering but he kept us informed about arrival time via texting which worked great for us. Yes we will use this service again!
Richard M. - May 15, 2014
Great experience, very nice service. I rented a small tiller/cultivator. The online scheduling works very well. The tiller did just what I needed to amend the soil in some flower beds in my back yard. I highly recommend YardRents, it is very convenient and I plan on renting other equipment in the near future.
Operator Manuals
Owners Manual

Weight: 24 lbs
Tilling Swath: 9 inches
Tilling Depth: 2 inches to 10 inches, depending on setting.
Tines Speed: up to 240 rpm
Speed: Variable; throttle-activated. Tines only engage when throttle is squeezed.
Prior To Using the Cultivator

Identify any potential underground obstacle and obstructions. This includes possibly calling your local utility companies or 811 to have underground utilities identified.

Clear area of any above ground obstructions and mark all sprinkler heads.

Decide what amendments you want to till into the soil and have them standing-by. These include, fertilizer, compost, gravel, lime, manure, etc...

Make sure tilling area has been watered by rain or hose 24 hours prior to tilling, especially if you have clay in the ground. Soil will till better if it's moist.

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