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Stump Grinder Rental - Self Propelled

Manufacturer: Toro
Product Code: STX-26 Stump Grinder - 26hp

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No wonder they call it Stumptown, Portland has stumps everywhere! This is the perfect tool for removing stumps of all sizes. Grind out a 2-foot wide stump in less than 30 minutes, all without breaking a sweat.

This stump grinder is powerful, easy to use and designed to maneuver in and around the average homeowner's property. At 34 inches wide, this machine can fit through standard backyard gates and openings. Since it runs on tracks, this stump grinder can access nearly any part of your property.

This stump grinder is completely self-propelled and is operated using two joysticks. Simply position the machine in front of the stump and use the joystick to control the stump grinding head. It can grind down stumps that are nearly 3 feet tall and chase stumps and roots down into the ground as deep as 12.5 inches below grade.

Be very careful operating this machines on slopes since it is not designed to operate on slopes greater than 18 degrees. Make sure to have unobstructed access to your stump. This machine weighs 1200 lbs so it can't be lifted up stairs or over barriers.

Reasons to Rent This Stump Grinder Rental - Self Propelled From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can break while I am renting this machine?
The grinding teeth are the most likely item to break while using this machine. They are designed to grind wood, but if they come into contact with rock, concrete or metal then they can break. We inspect the teeth with you at the time of delivery and we inspect them again when we pick the machine up again. If a tooth is cracked or chipped then we will simply add the cost of a tooth to your rental order.

Can it drive up stairs?
No. This strump grinder can be backed up small hills, but it is not designed to be driven up stairs.

Do I need to fill the tank up with gas when I'm finished?
Yes. We deliver the equipment with a full tank of gas and we ask that you top of the tank when you are finished. Don't worry, we carry equipment gas in our delivery van and we will try to leave you with more than enough gas to get through your project.


The unique track design of this self propelled stump grinder allows for zero turn capability, provides increased stability on side hills, eliminates tire ruts in your yard, and operates on wet/soft ground conditions. All of this allows you to access the most challengind stumps.

This stump grinder has an easy to use control system that offers smooth operation and fewer lever & nobs than conventional stump grinders. Two simple controls operate all traction and grinder functions. The primary traction controller controls the left & right drive tracks and allows the operator to drive and position the machine (left/right/forward/revers). The joystick controls the stump grinder power head and allows the operator to sweep, lift/lower and engage the grinding head.

The offset cuttnig head provides the operator with excellent visibility of the stump.

The fully hydraulic operation of this grinder allows for very grandular positioning control and reduces the likelyhood of maintenance problems while at your worksite.


Derek P. - Aug 13, 2012
Rented a stump grinder last month and the experience and service was excellent. I had a few questions about the machine after my tech Steve had left and he was VERY prompt in returning my calls and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this service and will definitely use them again. Thanks, guys.
Jeanne W. - Sept 1, 2012
Rented a stump grinder yesterday. Service was excellent, great piece of equipment, easy to use. Excellent company - will use them again. Thanks again Steve!
Felix B. - May 27, 2012
rented a shredder and stumpgrinder today. stunning service, great machines - great price - same as last time, thanks to yardrents :)
Dan S. - May 23, 2012
Thank you Dan and YardRents. Love your concept and the customer service was even better. Never thought stump grinding could be so fun!
Ryan - Apr 11, 2012
I'm a new homeowner / DIY YouTube watching home project guy. I would say I'm a just getting my feet went with home and yard maintenance and I don't have a lot of money to pay somebody else to do the work. YardRents made my experience a breeze from beginning to end. They have an easy and helpful website where you can reserve online and watch tool tutorials. Free delivery and pick up so you don't have to. During the delivery window time they sent a text to let me know the exact time they'll be there. So Dan shows up and was awesome! Super friendly guy and knowledgeable about the tools. I got a Pole Saw and a Stump Grinder, which were in great condition and practically new! He gave me all the safety wear too! I just signed on his iPad and a receipt was emailed to me instantly. I was finished with everything in two hours. Dan sent a text for a pick up time and when he arrived he made sure my experience was perfect. From beginning to end, YardRents does it right!
Marjorie - Jun 13, 2011
A great experience. Dan actually delivered our equipment the evening before we needed it as he was making his rounds anyway! Gave us a great introduction and set up the equipment. Everything was in great shape and worked exactly as we expected/hoped. Excellent customer experience, friendly guy, good equipment. Couldn't be better.
Scott H. - Sept 29, 2012
What a service! Order a machine on the web with a two hour window and it just shows up at your door and you are given brief instructions. All of the paperwork is done on an I-pad and the receipts just show up in your e-mail. I rented the stump grinder to remove some pesky stumps from my yard. This thing tore through them with ease. A little over an hour later the stumps were gone and they just showed up and picked up the machine. This is truly customer service at its best. I will definitely be using YardRents again.
Eric B. - June 30, 2013
So far, we've rented the wood chipper and stump grinder combo, and deck sanders. How can you beat excellent service, free scheduled pickup and delivery, and equipment that is in good shape. Plus, for the jobs we've done, the traditional rental places aren't even price competitive, forgetting the fact that they have the added hassle of not offering delivery. Yardrents all the way. Just another reason for out of towners to be jealous of PDX. Now, if YardRents only had a concrete grinder...
Operator Manuals
Operators Manual

Cutting Depth: 12.5" below grade
Cutting Height: 35" above grade
Cutting Wheel: 19" diameter to tooth; 3/4" thick, 12 green teeth
Width: 34"
Length: 78"
Height: 48"
Engine: 26 hp Kawasaki 730V Twin Cylinder
Head Swing: 47" Arc
Hydraulic Flow: 13.5 gpm hydraulic flow to head
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Prior To Using the Stump Grinder Rental - Self Propelled

Saw off as much of the stump as possible so that you are only using the stump grinder on the base of the stump where a saw can't be operated.

Clear the work area of all foreign objects such as sticks, stones, wires, etc.

Be sure to remove any debris that may also be embedded in the tree stump itself.

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